A non-profit provider of employment, training, housing and support services to individuals with developmental disabilities in the western Pennsylvania region.

Pa Connecting communities

PA Connecting Communities is a non-profit, multi-faceted organization for persons of all ages with mental and physical disabilities. Its goal is to empower persons with special needs and provide information and opportunities to improve their quality of life by developing friendships, participating in community programs, promoting the arts, and experiencing on-the-job training programs in an operating business environment.  Our vision is to create social change by pursuing this mission.

down syndrome association of pittsburgh

The Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh is a group of parents and professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of people living with Down Syndrome.

getting ready to sign your child up for social security?

Contact Michelle Heath at AHEDD, a specialized human resource organization.  This organization is a grant funded by the Social Security Administration to help parents with special children to make sure they have all the information they need.  She will set up a group meeting or talk to parents individually.

Exceptional adventures

Exceptional Adventures is a non-profit organization with over 35 years of experience providing vacation opportunities, events, and monthly dances for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities.