seasonal events


Season(s): Summer

ASI currently has four teams that play on the North Strabane Township fields three evenings a week during the month of August. Games are usually 60 to 90 minutes. Parents/guardians are welcome to join their athletes on the field.


Season(s): Fall, Spring & Winter

Soccer is played three times a year; during the months of May and September at the West McMurray Road field (Sundays) and during January-February at Chartiers-Houston High School gym (Fridays). Sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes and include mild drills/exercises and a game.


Season(s): Summer

Tennis is offered each Wednesday in May and early June at Canon-McMillan High School tennis courts. Sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes.

Touch football

Season(s): Summer

Touch football and cheerleading are offered every Tuesday in July at C-Side Sports on Route 19.  Sessions are limited to one hour and include mild drills/exercises and a short game.


Season(s): Fall & Spring

Currently offered in October and March at Alpine Lanes, Washington and in July at the Meadows Bowling Lanes. There is a charge to bowl, but it is substantially reduced from the regular rate, and our rate (currently $2.50 per game) includes shoes.

other events


An annual banquet for all athletes is held every March at Western Area Career and Technology Center.


ASI sponsors several dances during the year. They include a Halloween Dance which is held following the final October bowling session at Alpine Lanes in Washington; and a New Year's Eve Dance, held at the same location. Additional dances are scheduled based on availability of the Alpine Hall. Admission is $3 and includes dancing and refreshments. (Admission to the New Year's Eve Dance is $5 and includes a buffet.)


ASI holds an annual day at Kennywood the first Monday in August that includes admission and some refreshments. The event is based on availability of tickets.


ASI has an annual picnic at Canonsburg Town Park on the Sunday following the final game of the baseball season. ASI supplies meats and beverages; families are asked to bring a covered dish.